Hello, I’m Cassidy

I’m a self-employed copywriter with a passion for helping individuals, businesses and organisations of every description tell meaningful and engaging stories.

I didn’t always know what course my professional life would take, but knew early on that it was going to involve words. I received the Chambers Dictionary of Quotations for my 15th birthday and the Oxford English Dictionary for my 16th – I was delighted by both; my classmates were baffled. In the years that followed, I completed my undergraduate, honours and master’s degrees in English Literature and followed a path that ultimately led to a full-time writing career.

Today, I write a variety of digital and print content for clients that range from the non-governmental to the corporate – content that I pride on being clean, original and lucid. I love writing copy that pushes me creatively, and that means something to me and to the people who read it. I am also an unapologetic advocate for the selective use of the Oxford comma.

Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and currently based in London in the United Kingdom, I have a wandering spirit and am always drawn to places where I neither speak the language nor recognise the food. Sometimes, tales from these adventures make their way onto my blog.

To learn more about my work, please take a look at my portfolio or contact me directly.